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The real definition refers to the corruption in the legal system in the southern states as well as the oppression experienced due to the actions of the still upheld good old boy system.

Examples include:

1. The targeting of Latino laborers for cash money by the sheriff's departments.

2. Violent "drug busts" in which unarmed young black men are all shot dead with little signs of resistance.

3. The set ups, snitchings, and sell out incidents that happen among different groups of people and crews to someone else in exchange for money or sexual favors.

The fact that tricking (in it's original definition) and sexual debauchery is condoned is indicative of the level of complacency among the people in the region.
Some of these rappers are nothing but mere puppets that up hold the image that the dirty south is the place to be when in reality it's a facade to disguise the real ugly underbelly of the region.
by Indio G May 13, 2010
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