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2 definitions by IndieQueen

an amalgamation of 'cuddle' and 'rape', meaning to force one to cuddle against their will
I went over to Kyle's last night to watch a movie and he tried to cuddle with me but I told him I didn't want to cuddle. The bastard held me down and cuddled with me anyway, he totally craped me!
by IndieQueen August 13, 2008
37 10
A Memphis Missile occurs when the receiver of a Tennessee Torpedo expels the corn nibblets onto the chest/vulva/body of his/her partner after getting torpedoed.
Man, I had a wild night last night! I was having sexy times with my lady when she asked me to pleasure her with a corn cob, a little Tennessee Torpedo action. Afterwards, she farted the corn nibblets on my chest. That was my first Memphis Missile, but certainly not the last!
by IndieQueen August 13, 2008
7 5