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Indie kid's are usually well spoken, smart, well educated people.They refuse to wear anything chavvy E.G tracksuits.
They have hair that is so un cared about it looks great, the more appearance caring indie kid may have a side swept fringe though.Waistcoats,drainpipes, converse, badges, printed t-shirts, topman is a good shop for indie kid's.
generally nice,happy people, quick witted, funny and very nice looking.

Bands such as The pidgeon detectives, The Arcade Fire, The waterloos, and some can get away with Hadouken!.
Trend Follower-I like indie music.
Indie kid- oh really? who do you find good?
trend follower- oh, well i like a bit of the fratellis and i like snow patrol's new song.
Indie kid- that's not indie, thats popular chart music, pop, please next time tell me you follow all the others.
by Indie-cindy-boy September 05, 2007
A White boy/girl who normally listens to certain music to fit in with black friends. Grime, R&B and Hip-Hop are favourites.Most Wiggers think anyone who doesn't like their music is an Emo. or just weird.also wiggers dress sense is appaling, baggy tracksuits down to their knees and t-shirtrs down to their ankles as well.
Wigger- Yo Blud Gimme youre phone.
Normal person- *uck off freak.
(n)igger- Oi blud you got owned.
wigger walks (bops) off.
by Indie-cindy-boy September 05, 2007

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