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An incredibly cool girl. Who listens to a wide range of unknown music. She also must be incredibly witty.

She usually likes to dress sharp maybe with a tie. Unlike Avril Lavigne ties. Indie Girls wear them tight and normal not ghey-like. Usually with a nice polo or sweatervest. Indie girls also usually have glasses. You better be pretty damn Indie to make up for not having glasses. If you're a hard-core Indie chick you'll wear blazers with your ties. But not just any blazers. Tweed blazers and pinstripe only. Also, don't match too much. If you do it'll lookliek you tried to hard to look indie, and you don't want that. Even if no one can see your socks that day, wear two different socks. it's totally unique and it looks like you are poor/don't care.

Shoes are a major part of my indie girl life. And they should be a part of your indie girl life too. I like to wear and and every shoe I can find. Wing-tips, dress shoes, plaid clogs, bowling shoes, chuck taylors, bare foot, doc martens, be creative.

To indie girls hair = everything. You can go a bit daring and cut it all off for that short indie mod look. Of keep it long and make it totally layered and haute.

If you don't love to read. Don't you dare call yourself indie. I'll come kill you. :-) Now indie kids are all about being themselves. You better have an awesome unique personality if you want indie friends. If you don't have a sarcastic sense of humor and don't love comedies just curl up in a ball and die. Now indie girls have to have this whole I'm just a dorky indie chick presence. Everyone loves that. Other females will befriend you because they know that you will never be cooler than them. When actually, you're probably the coolest chica ever. Of course, you don't show it.

Being and indie chick is really hard. You set the tone for everyone. If you're listening to something new, don't tell everyone about it. Unless you wnat it to be on MTV next week. Loser.<3
Normal Girl: Hey what are you listening to?

Indie Girl: Music you can't appreciate because you'll just blow its "down to earthness" out of proportion and make it mainstream crap.

Normal Girl: Cool.
by Indie Chica May 03, 2006

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