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The original codename for Vista.

A combination of Windows CE, Windows Me, and Windows NT, all to make sure your computing experience is the worst you've ever had.

The name implies that it gets nowhere fast, as the operating system proved that.
I heard they're working on a new operating system called Windows CEMeNT.
by Independence76 October 26, 2009
Also known as Flight Sim World.

A Flight Simulation forum of trolls, idiots, and annoying Mac fanboys. Some users are still legit.
I was browsing FSW yesterday. What's up with all the Mac desktop crap?
by Independence76 October 26, 2009
The newest version of iTunes by Apple. New improvements include:

- a shitty new store

- lagging capabilities beyond any older version of iTunes

- the ability to crash daily during the basic organizing of music

- a few shiny textures that Apple fanboys gave Vista a lot of shit for

- the ability to make Microsoft's Zune look like perfect software
I just got iTunes 9 on my PC. I wonder how it works on a Mac...
by Independence76 October 28, 2009
The hand of a man (usually a homosexual) filled with skittles, put by their dick, while they are given a blow job.

As in "Taste the Rainbow."
Show me how tasty your skittle hand is.
by Independence76 January 13, 2009
Acronym for "Dead on Sex Ed," implying someone is not well-educated on the subject of sexual intercourse.
He may be 15, but dude, he's more DOSE then you'll ever believe!
by Independence76 October 26, 2009

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