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1-A fart-propelled dump. It makes the turd come out faster
2-Stuff relating to rockets
1-Dude, I just took a rocket shit. It came out so fast, my ass stil hurts!
2-What fell off the discovery?
I dunno, rocket shit.
by Incredible edible medicals September 06, 2005
1-One whose considers masturbation and sex exercise.

2-One whose only form of exercise is masturbation and sex. However, few of these people ever have sex. Basically, a horny fat guy.
Guy 1: Why don't you exercise sometimes. Then maybe you could get some ass.
Fat guy: But masturbation is excercise.
Guy 2: Only for fat jizzercisers like you
by Incredible edible medicals September 15, 2005
Who you blame when you realize you're saying something that you were just thinking about saying. Then you realize he's saying it and you can't stop in the middle of the sentence, so you finish and then you really regret it.
You: "Hey Jenny do you want"-pause, as you silently curse the little man in your mouth-"to go to prom with me?"
Jenny:"No loser."
by Incredible edible medicals October 30, 2005

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