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A drinking game played with two people at a time and can consist of tournaments, though this is not recommended. Two players have both a six-shot nerf gun and a plastic lightsaber. The player with the nerf gun stands a good distance away from the player with the lightsaber just far enough so that it becomes quite difficult to dodge the dart. (Distances may vary due to the strength of the nerf gun, however 20 feet is a normal distance) The player with the nerf gun fires six times at the player with the plastic lightsaber and the player with the lightsaber must dodge or block the dart. For every time the player with the lightsaber is hit, he or she must take a drink. Once the player with the nerf gun uses his six shots, both players must trade the gun and the lightsaber and repeat the process. The game goes on until a player gets hit six times in a row in one round, in which he has to finish all of his drink and another.
We're playing the Jedi Drinking Game at the party tonight
by Incredible Bulk October 14, 2009

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