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If you know the c-word, you're not even half way there to describing this person. Raised by rabid animals, she is the worst of bitch combined with the worst of bimbo and probably a bit of a gold digging whore. Completely unreliable and obsessive about telling you her personal problems including her problems with the old guy she's fucking and with his wife. Swears like a sailor when talking to guys. This girl just doesn't givafuck about who she offends or who she screws or what she says so long as her makeup looks right.
The broad who is never really there for anybody but herself is a complete bitchimbo.
by Incognito Law Student May 01, 2009
Remember your phonics. The u in efdup is a short u.

If you need more clues than that, then you are it.
That antique is buying crack from her grandson. Man, thats efdup.
by Incognito Law Student August 28, 2009
noun; 1. a final judgment or determination based on nonsense or on illogically connected facts and arguments.
2. the act of noncluding.

verb; nonclude
How the court managed to determine that the former honor role student is mentally incompetent to stand trial is a complete mystery, probably even to the judges who wrote the opinion. Simpy stated, it was not a conclusion, it was a nonclusion.
by Incognito Law Student June 15, 2009
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