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The British game developer, that came out with the two best FPS games untill Halo Finally one upped them. GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. Now officially owned by Microsoft Game Studios they are expected to produce Perfect Dark Zero which might be held as a launch title for Xbox 2
If you need an example then your not a Gamer
by Impstrong April 21, 2004
The team at Microsoft that works on publishing Games for the Xbox and PC that Microsoft sees fit to sponsor and put their money behind.
They produce Counter Strike, for Xbox and are incharge of Rareware.
by Impstrong April 21, 2004
The Next Gen Xbox console system. As of April 2004 expected to have a varient of the G5 processor, gigabit ethernet, a larger harddrive, ATi graphics, even though they should stick with nVIDIA, and the possiability of a TiVo function.
Xbox ruled Xbox 2 will be even better!
by Impstrong April 21, 2004
THe next installment of Perfect Dark, early rumors have said that this game will begin after the origional Perfect Dark, but you will transport back in time to before the origional game. Still these are early rumors. Expected to come out on Xbox but possiably an Xbox 2 launch title.
GoldenEye 2 is the next insatllment of GoldenEye, however Perfect Dark Zero is made by Rareware the same company that made the Origional Perfect Dark and Goldeneye.
by Impstrong April 21, 2004
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