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Crooked Penis Condition

When you're shlong bends sideways when erect.
Susie- Aaagh!
Johnny- Whats the Matter, babe?
Susie_ Ew, you got C.P.C!!
by Imp The Dimp January 31, 2005
Similar to the word, "Word". When somethin's cool with you.
Imp the Dimp- "You waanna hit a movie toninght, hommes?"
Mat- "Verd."
by Imp The Dimp January 30, 2005
A-Khan became "Imp the Dimp, the Ladies Pimp" from his sick poppin skillz. Name originated with the Sugar Hill Gang. One Who is A Krazy Pimp.
Brutha- "Shit...those moves gonna get you busy! You should be called, Imp the Dimp, the Ladies Pimp!
by Imp The Dimp January 30, 2005

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