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An incredible tapas bar in Granada Spain, about 4 blocks from the front of the Cathedral stairs, owned by a middle-aged British couple who's last name is POE and they are the probably the best absinthe fire shot drinkers and late night / early morning dance-off winners in all of Spain; if not the entire world.
US Study-Abroad Chica: It's 8 let's go drinking!
Dirty, Sketchy, American-Study-Abroad-Creepin-40 Year Old Virgin who's Always in the background: Si! Vamos a me casa y voy a te tomar una Ruphiata!
US Study-Abroad Pimp: Fuck that let's go to POE and down some of that fine pire pire with a grande san migel and some Cacique or Ron Barcelo all the while rockin out to Tracy Chapman smokin lucky strikes like fiends.
US Study-Abroad Chica: Ohh Vale Vale Vale and after cena we'll yaj at plaza de gracia ultimately making our way back here only to shake our fine lady lumps walking through la calle paz's cobble stoned blackout bumps.
by Imna the sexy June 08, 2006

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