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3 definitions by Imbrii

From barnacle

1. Holding tight and not letting go, even if attempts are made to dislodge. An excessively clingy person with irritating tendencies who latches on to people (that usually are unwanting of the attention) is said to barnacalize people.

2. A very tight hug, moreso than a glomp and always an unwanted thing. Can be used more generally as a derogatory way to say hug.
Source: "...he'd never been hugged by anyone before. Sure, he'd been barnacalized by Relena (a mighty disturbing experience), but a real hug was different."
by Imbrii June 06, 2005
3 0
Noun - A clingy significant other, or person in general giving unwanted attention and closeness. May be used as a general derogatory term for whoever a person is dating.
"Robin's calling -again-? Sheesh, what a barnacle."
by Imbrii June 07, 2005
17 20
A writer or work of slash fanfic that contains a multitude of pairings. Often used to refer to writers that will write any pairing, no matter how implausible, simply because it is slash and therefore good.

Derives from omni (all) and slash, the plethora of Final Fantasy 7 yaoi also likely playing a part.
"Don't bother with her work, she just writes omnislash."
by Imbrii June 06, 2005
6 38