1 definition by Imajuggalette4life

A juggalo/ette is someone who iz down wit da clown. We get dissed by haterz a lot who know nuthin bout what we have to got threw in life. Sometimez we wear clown make-up and we like 2 drink Faygo cuz' itz da best kinda drink there iz!!! All juggaloz/ettez are family cuz' we have 2 stick 2gether not just cuz' we lisen 2 da same music no were family cuz' we have similar intrests and we have 2 go threw a lot of the same thingz in life. We dont giv a fuck unless u dis us or our family. Haters say if u dont giv a fuck den how come when we say somthin bout icp or juggalos u get mad well how would u like it if i came over and dissed ur family!?! And i h8 Juggahoez and Juffaloz who claim their a juggalo/ette 2 get attention and no nothing bout icp.
juggalo/juggalette SO MMFWCL ninjaz im gonna go2 Shangr-la so cya
by Imajuggalette4life August 10, 2008

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