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A female variety of the homo sapiens species that; is within the boundaries of reproductive age, is generally regarded as cute and or attractive, and in spite of being slightly overweight is thought of as sexually desirable by her male peers.

Porkadoodles, available in all personalities and socioeconomic statuses, are generally thought to be a physical microcosm of the social or cultural groups of which they are a part.
John prefers porkadoodles because he has found them to be just as enjoyable but far less trouble than smokin’ hot girls.
by Imagineer G May 25, 2012

A condition in which one or more people, often in the form of a committee, progressively increase the scope and complexity of a project until the project is deemed infeasible and subsequently cancelled to the detriment of all involved.

Such projects are typically of a technical nature. Likewise someone who commits creeping featurism is most likely to be an engineer or otherwise technically advanced but not business minded.
Although market research showed that a second factory would be profitable, once the engineering department became involved, creeping featurism set in and it was self-evident that an additional plant was not a viable idea.
by Imagineer G June 18, 2013

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