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The retard above me is tottally wrong about them. A Jonas Brothers Hater is someone who has hit puberty, unlke the person above me who is probably a nine year old girl like the rest of the Jonas Brothers Fans. This is someone who has a good taste in music and has lots of friends because they have a good taste in music. Guy Jonas Brothers fans dont like them because most actually know a good singing voice, Girl Jonas Brothers hate them because of the same reason and also have a better taste in men unlike their fans who drool over their 3 centimeter dick's.
Jonas Brothers walk by...and a bunch of 9 year old girls follow.

Boy Jonas Brothers Hater: Wow look at those faggots, even I could sing better than them.

Girl Jonas Brothers Hater: They are so ugly, I feel sorry for all those 9 year old girls drooling over their 3 centimeter dick.

9 year old girl: Shut up! Ur just jelous because your not as famous as they are! Your just jealous! (x10).

*9 year old girl gets beat up by both of them*

Boy Jonas Brothers Hater: Hey wanna go out?

Girl Jonas Brothers Hater: Sure!
by Im A Jonas Brothers Hater August 22, 2009

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