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A "Matthias" is mostly middle-aged man, who's also almost always the father of some lovely kids and the husband of a great wife.
His biggest (known) secret is, that Matthias isn't his very first name, actually he has another one, but that one so weird that Matthias is definitely the better choice.

He doesn't have the biggest social-life, on the one hand because he's just working much and on the other hand a Matthias is simply not the most extrovert person.

His brain seems to be like a big library: he can remember so much stuff! He also is a fan of reading and collecting interesting articles and taking photos and listening to old fashioned music.
A Matthias can be very grumpy or angry and he's not talkative then, but he calms himself always quickly

All in all he can be as funny and silly as hell, he's a great person and a fantastic father.
"Moritz has such a great daddy!"
"Yeah I know..I wish my father was a Matthias like him.."
by Ilovemyparents December 19, 2013
"Dietlinde" is a German name for middle aged women who are great persons, lovely wives, really good friends and mothers of fantastic children.
A Dietlinde has an amazing character: she's lovely, nice, caring strong and intelligent. But she also can gets very very angry and then she shouts loudly, but she calms herself quickly and is never angry of somebody for a long time.
She works much, too much, and her workplace is far away from her home so she has to oscillate a lot.
Dietlindes are independent women, although she loves her familia much.
She likes relaxing and watching historical movies and hiking in the mountains and swimming.

Dietlindes often wish they were thiner because they think they're fat but they aren't. Same with their appearances.

If you you can name at least one Dietlinde in your circle of friends or even better in your family you should count yourself very lucky.
"I'm going through some shit right now, I really need a Dietlinde by my side!"

"My mum is so rude these days I wish she acted a bit more like a Dietlinde!"
by Ilovemyparents December 19, 2013

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