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Something you say during an awkward pause in conversation in attempt to start conversation. However this will just make the conversation more awkward and draw attention to the pause.
Person 1:"Yeah, that was by far the best Family Guy episode ever."

Person 2:"Yeah for sure."



Person1:"So....do you like hobbies?"

Person2:"Um? Yes."


by Ilovehobbies February 22, 2011
A song that might originally appear to be a country song however not long into the song you realize that this is a pop song. This song would never be classified as "country" by someone who actually listens to country. This style of song was popularized by Taylor Swift.
"What's your favorite country song?"

"Definitely that new song 'Cruise!"

"What are you talking about? That's not country, that's some Taylor Swift Country!"
by ILoveHobbies May 22, 2013
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