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1 definition by Ilovebabycats

Cupofteam is a Bingo club in Detriot, Michigan. Founded by Adam Wadsworth and Benedict Townsend in 1951, it has proved a mediocre business. Most members are inmates and pedophiles, but that's the way Adam and Ben prefer things. There is no real income (as inmates have no money to play bingo), so sacrifices must be made. Instead of bingo chips, scraps of human flesh are used and instead of a real clubhouse, it is a public restroom. Mr.Wadsworth and Mr.Townsend are champion bingorers as well as car salesmen, gynecologists, and avid supporters of communist-nazis. They live together as a gay couple with their 14 cats and their dead grandma as they work on mastering ju-jitsu. Note:most Cupofteam members kidnapped and never to be seen again. (Membership only $19.99 plus shipping and handling).
"Hay hay mindy, heard you was in the Cupofteam."
" Ya gurlll you know it dis bingo be dope."
"Ohh mindy mmm hmm."
"I be all up in Adam wadsworth"
" oh sugar ain't he 63 years old"
"Yessiree Melissa and dats the way I like it"
by Ilovebabycats March 21, 2013
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