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2 definitions by IloveNJ

What the Lower East Side in Manhattan becomes on a Saturday night when 2nd Ave. and E. Houston are invaded by the Huns from West (NJ) and the Visigoths from the East. Moniker based on the Lower East Side taking on characteristics of the meatpacking district.
White Rabbit is a club in Lower Eastpacking.
by IloveNJ May 25, 2009
Pizza genre widely-available in Manhattan, the five boroughs, and northern New Jersey. Typically involves a 24-inch pie with floppy slices that must be eaten with both hands. Pies are usually under a heat lamp for 15 - 45 minutes and re-heated in the oven when purchased. Dubious nuitritional value but undisputed utility as a drinking cushion.
"Ray's" pizzerias in Midtown West, West Village and Lower Eastpacking serve up heat lamp pizza.
by IloveNJ May 25, 2009