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A small town on the South Shore of Massachusetts, neighboring Humarock. Marshfield is a great little town, known for its close people and friendly additude. Even though some times kids around Marshfield like to say there is nothing to do in Marshfield, they still love it and would never want to move no matter what. Marshfield is a very open town, letting you do your own thing, without bothering you. For this reason, it is home to such celebrities as Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Steve Carell. Marshfield residents do not bother them because celebrities are seen as just normal people in Marshfield. For, in Marshfield, everyone is just seen as a normal person.
Out of town kid: Dude, you want to go sneak into Steven Tyler's yard?!!

Marshfield kid: Not really.

Out: Joe Perry?

Marshfield: Nope.

Out: Steve Carell?!

Marshfield: Dude, no. Sneak into my neighbors yard if you want, its no different.
by IloveMarshfield August 27, 2005
Pronounced just as it looks. "Wa" means something that is really great, or awesome! Something that really excites you, or makes you happy. "Wa" takes the place of the former used "sweet" and often used "sick".
"Wa" stands for "Wicked Awesome".
-Dude, that show is wa!

-Oh man, check out this wa cell phone I just got!

-Im suprised. I hate reading, but that book was actually pretty wa!
by IloveMarshfield September 27, 2005

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