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1 definition by IloveHolisterANDyou

Sexy, slim and fun person. She is usually a doctor and if she is very talented, a psychiatrist. Her glasses make her look very clever and so are her children. Dragana`s work very hard in the gym and never give up hope. Their birthday can vary from January 1st to January the 20th. Dragana`s are bilingual and are very talented in mathematics. She is a caring person with lots of hear and always helps her daughters out. Even though Dragana`s are very rare, they can be found in Cardiff and Serbia. They can have quite a temper and when they do, they speak in their fist language and have a habit of raising their eyebrows. They are also very good at cooking and 99% of Dragana`s get jobs where they live. 100% get their jobs anyway.
Dragana helps and comforts child when she is upset and her maths score is not good. She got angry when a child did not want to play cello.
by IloveHolisterANDyou January 19, 2012
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