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3 definitions by Illusion8055

Getting screwed, fucked, or stick in a bad situation.
Intense buckage. Got really screwed

I got bucked. I got screwed.
by Illusion8055 April 11, 2005
10 6
A) A man/woman that lacks self worth, and reduces themselves to the lowest possible level in order to attain social acceptance in the hopes that they will attract attention.

B) A female that collects fees for sexual favours
A) Wow that girl Kim really has no class. She'll do anything to get attention. She really is a whore.

B) Listen, for $180 you can get a whore for 1 hour or to blow your load twice.
by illusion8055 September 17, 2008
5 6
noun used to described something or someone that is useless, lacks worth, or is boring. Generally negative connotation.
You're an anything character...
Toronto Maple Leafs... ha... anything...
That club last night was anything...
The girl that was with my buddy... she was an anything
by illusion8055 March 23, 2006
48 49