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It is similar to the popular phrase, no homo, in the sense that No HoBo is a defensive-response mechanism. This means that No HoBo can clear ones own slate of any susceptible homeless-like qualities that has previously been placed on trial before your respective peers.

Adequate Times To Utilize No HoBo:
1. When you asks for money, food, or in a rare case clothing.
2. When you bother a cashier at a place of business to supply you with an item for free.
3. When you abuse the kindness of others as a means to get by in life, while barely presenting (if presenting at all) an equivalent exchange.

Guy: what up, man.
Guy 2: nothing much, just trying to get by. If i dont make this payment on my car, its gonna get repossessed. Then I won't have a way to work and get fired and lose my house and be out on the street and probably start sucking dick to get money...No Homo

Guy: yea i feel you, i feel you....you think i can borrow $117, No HoBo
Guy 2: Alright man i got you, just get it back to me before i hit the unemployment office
by IllusTreyte June 22, 2010
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