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1) A facility that collects sperm from donors, usually for the purpose of artificial insemination.

2) A loose, promiscuous woman that collects sperm from "donors", usually for the purpose of oral or vaginal consumption. often in large quantities.
That tramp Beth applied for a job at the sperm bank the other day. They turned her down. They said they were afraid she would "gobble up all the profits".
by Ill Bill B Illin' August 31, 2007
The most overrated actor ever; a complete moronic ass-hat douchebag of epic proportions. Undeniably and completely insane, a self-proclaimed scientologist who will pull any publicity stunt to avert attention from the fact that he is wholly a flaming homosexual. These stunts (such as stating he would eat Katie Holmes' placenta at the time of their daughter's birth, etc., etc.) have served to all but ruin his career to the point that only Oprah is tool enough to allow him to appear on her show. His is a classic case of maniacal insanity.
Hey Mike, you want to watch Top Gun?
Hell no Jeff! You really wanna watch that Tom Cruise fruitloop
pulling on a flight yoke in a Liberace reacharound fantasy???
Get the fu*k outta here!!
by Ill Bill B Illin' August 31, 2007

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