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1 definition by Ilkadizzzzuhl

Monster is a drink that obiviously gives you energy.
This drink became so famous that scene/emo kids took it as their favorite energy drink and made a big deal of it by creating shirts, and making big paragraphs on their Myspace explaining how much they love Monster, and drinking Monster like water.

Come on, it's just an energy drink. Who gives a shit. No need to make a big deal of an enery drink!
*Looks at dumb girl's Myspace*

OmFGzzz lyk3 MoNst3r iZ s0o0 g00D! lIke I h@v3 Thr33 @ DaY aNd iM 3v3ntuaLLy gOnn@ d!3 oF @ HeaRt attacK, bUt iTz OkaII bKuZ iTz wH@T tH3 Sc3n3 k!dz/Em0z d0. ilY Monster Energy Drink <3333
by Ilkadizzzzuhl August 21, 2008