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Computer, mp3, laptop, and phone-making company.

They're famous for their iPods, but has a dick CEO and a plethora other problems with how they handle public relations, known to be intensely jealous of PCs

Apple products are hella expensive and overrated, obsessed with itself, wants to take over the government and world.....even though they're just a design company with no real innovations in how we use technology.

Not wanting to compare Apple to their competition, but Apple can't do damage control when their customer gets pissed at them. They think they're popular.
Apple the company is made in the U.S., and is a worldwide distributer. Their fans are snooty, reflective of the company and stems from its insecurity at being less popular than their competition.
by Iliveinaworldoflosers5 March 14, 2012
Where people waste their time and get in each others business, going to bankrupt the country because it's creating douchebags or just giving them a club. A stupid way to get in touch with people when you're most likely trashing people who are not on Facebook or creating a social clique of your worst nightmare, see where this will lead us down the century when a lot of cyberstalkers and bullies begin to dominate society.
Facebook is grabbing a substantial amount of followers but also a lot of haters
by Iliveinaworldoflosers5 March 13, 2012
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