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Protstutes of the soul. Pimps tend to never have good intentions. If your dumb you gravitate to them and let them sell your wares.
Jon: check out what I did in 07' ~~buy kelly mugs, tshirts and magnetsSomeone's exposed butt crack. Especially when at least three inches is visible and hairy.

(See plumbers crack.)
Dude! get a belt, you showin your kelly! and by the way, shave a line where your back stops and your butt starts.
butt crack kelly plumbers crack bytt cleavage gross

by John the man! Dec 9, 2007

Me: You ass, your prostituting people. What do you call youself a pimp too? Make it funnier instead of hateful and it would mean more.
by IliketoplayWmyownbllsdude December 07, 2009
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