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The words "Super" and "Fun" are juxtaposed together to describe a cornucopia of wonderful happiness and awesomesauce which is likely to make your head asplode.
Bob: The party at Jen's place last night was superfun!! My head asploded from the wonderful happiness and awesomesauce there. :) hehe
by IleikyouTeeHee October 29, 2009
noun - Describes any annoying e-mail that includes a "confirmation link" which most online companies or organizations will send to you if you wish to subscribe for their membership services. It will usually cause a new internet browser window to open after clicking the link included in the e-mail. In extreme (but humorous) cases, this could cause slow system response if the computer has too many applications running, or if the person has searched for excessive amounts of porn with their computer.
Person: Yay I subscribed for ultimate porn

Oh I have a confirmation e-mail. How annoying.

*clicks link*


*Computer crashes* (Due to excess porn or outdated hardware)

T_T I hate it when a new window opens unexpectedly
by IleikyouTeeHee October 29, 2009
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter.
I tried the facebook trick today and I got totally tripped out! It was smexy :]
by IleikyouTeeHee November 19, 2009
Synonym for Failure, but this version is obviously much cooler 8)
You are a phayliure.
by IleikyouTeeHee October 31, 2009
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