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a fren who always gets guys attention but shes down to earth and the perfect fren to go with to a male review
dat girl is such a reana, all the guys are lookin at her!
by Ilaisa May 12, 2004
usually used to call someone a goddess due to their beauty
"damn- shes a saane"
by ilaisa April 26, 2003
a type of fren who will "trick" you into going out with her to watch a movie with a few "frenz". she is a fun person and beneath her funny and cheery exterior she is a sensitive person.
she pulled a maritess on me and i ended up watching a movie "as soon as we got home"
by Ilaisa May 12, 2004
a fren that you can always count on for a fun girls nite out and who will drag you to go clubbing with her even u only had "an arm and leg". and she will always talk about "boys"
damn, im feel like partying tonite, where is a mira when i need one?
by Ilaisa May 12, 2004
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