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Gaydar is the ''sixth sense'' that any gay man or lesbian woman has built into their genes that allows them to detect anyone within their immediate area who is also a ''member of the family''. Gaydar is NOT based on whether a gay man is flamboyant or whether a lesbian is masculine. Gaydar is activated and does detect other gays whether they are openly gay or not.
Maria: ''Angelo, I need you to tell me whether or not my new male friend is gay, because these days, one can never really tell.''

Angelo:"Maria, my gaydar has not gone off, so no, he's not gay. Trust me."

Maria:"Thanks Angelo. I knew that you'd tell me if my new crush really liked men more than he wanted to let on."

Angelo:"No biggie. What good is having gaydar if I can't use it to help my best girlfriend?"
by IkeishiiDai November 15, 2009
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