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The act of accidentally taking 2 pictures when only meaning to take one. This is often followed by a ton of people becoming really pissed off because they dropped out of their poses and therefore the second picture looks terrible.
Person 1: Excuse me sir can you take a picture of us?

Person 2: Sure no problem. (Double-Snaps)

Person 1: Damnit I probably look like an idiot in the second one! Nice going ass hole. I asked for one picture and you end up Double-Snapping
#stupid #trolling #dubble snappin #neil barris #slenderman
by Ike Nwamgbe September 25, 2011
Being Brownded is like being grounded to an Indian kid. The only difference is that instead of being forced to study and get good grades, they are forced to watch tv and do things that make them stupid. This could also apply to some asian kids.
Son: Daddy I'm going to my room to study.

Father: No! You're Brownded! Go watch television.
#brown #indian #asian #racist #funny
by Ike Nwamgbe October 06, 2011
Often times when browsing the interwebs for a funny video or mainly a rage comic, you see a repost that really wasn't funny the first time and this repost insn't helping the cause.
I was browsing Reddit for Rage Comics when I saw a repost of a stupid comic.

Saw it, still not funny
#repost #rage comics #reddit #memebase #demotivational posters
by Ike Nwamgbe October 23, 2011
Calling someone "That Guy" is saying that they would obviously be the one that would do a particular thing. This reference can only be made after the event has happened.
Person 1: Dude I'm so sorry but I just clogged your toilet again.

Person 2: Wow... You would be That Guy that clogs my toilet more than once.
#he would #that guy #of course #stupid #funny
by Ike Nwamgbe September 29, 2011
Similar to 3rd wheeling but the only reason you don't have date of your own is that you're a fat ass thus counting as two people.
Boyfriend (To Girlfriend): Why is that fat girl following us around all the time?

Girlfriend (To Boyfriend): I'm sorry she's 3rd and 4th Wheeling but I felt bad that she was alone.
#fat #3rd wheel #grande #annoying #fat ass
by Ike Nwamgbe October 22, 2011
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