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An aurora of subcultural awesomeness. Usually misunderstood by the public as a magnet for darkness and self-destruction, Goth is a form of music and fashion that is embraced by many (including myself)
Bauhaus, Christian Death, and Siouxsie and the Banshees are actualy goth bands.
by Ike Furam May 17, 2009
(Not to be confused with Death Metal) A fusion genre of Goth and Punk rock, founded primarily in Los Angeles in the late 77s with acts such as Christian Death, 45 Grave, and then spread to the UK with the sounds of Specimen and Alien Sex Fiend. Modern deathrock bands include Cinema Strange and Bloody Dead and Sexy.
Dinah Cancer is a goddess of Deathrock.
by Ike Furam May 17, 2009
Alternate "Mind Fuck". In theory, mind fuck is the art of pushing and twisting the common man's mind. The reaction depends solely upon percepition. Notable causes for mind fuck include an affair, ice cream scoop falling off your cone, and the ending to the film Donnie Darko. However, the spelling of mind fuck alternately is just some loser behind a keyboard trying to sound clever, smart, etc. but fails.

"Don't you mean mind fuck? Dumbass."
by Ike Furam May 17, 2009
A myth popularized by freshmen who are new to smoking dope. According to kids who believe this rumor, LemonDrop Kush is a type of marijuana in which one drops lemon juice on the bud to increase the flavor. No I'm not kidding.
Have you heard of Lemon Drop Kush? Neither have I.
by Ike Furam May 17, 2009
A misunderstood joke in the disguise of a "subculture". Really, Indie is a nostalgic trend that consists of black rimmed glasses, tight jeans, and God forbid those goddamned Red Beanies. In a nutshell, Indie is a derived term from the term "indie rock" where kids who aren't puss enough to be emo but too puss to skate.
Have you seen those Indie Kids with their tight jeans and red beanies? Damn they're stupid.
by Ike Furam May 17, 2009
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