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Self explanitory.

You take 3 life forms. A mister, A dude, An and Alien.

You stick them all into one bedroom.

And you get a MAD puppet. AKA Mister_Alien_Dude!
Mister_Alien_Dude Is the result of Nomisuke, DarksoldierX, and Kyd.
by Ikarasu September 02, 2003
A Sexually position favored by Nickokopo, involving a Banana, And Axe, A gay guy, And nickokopos ass.
Nickokopo: /Me Wants bananaaxmeaxe badly!
by Ikarasu September 01, 2003

A guy saying no, to recieving Oral sex by a hot asian named Misuke.
Nomisuke is a gay bastard, who doesn't like hot asian chicks.
by Ikarasu September 02, 2003
Someone who mongs for ass
Nickopo became an Ass monger on 90/1/03
by Ikarasu September 01, 2003
To con one into optically having rough anal sex.
Opticon: /me uses his opticon forces on Shadowkaster, anally raping him
by Ikarasu August 31, 2003
Sexual predator who Molests his own father.
Brian was such an Enemite
by Ikarasu May 18, 2005

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