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A preppy high school a Danbury CT. The population is probably about 97% white. Theres a lot of rich kids in the school and some normal kids. Immaculate kids tend to have a rivalry with bethel, and an imaginary one with Notre dame of Fairfield. The Boys football team sucks, probably one of the worst in all of fairfield county, there basketball team is pretty good though. Girls soccer is nasty they've gone states like 8 years in a row.
Bethel Kid # 1- Hey those Immaculate High School kids are fags
Bethel Kid # 2- yeah, wanna go curbstomp them

Bethel Kid # 1- Nahh we all now we're too pussy to anyways

Bethel Kid # 2- Wanna snort some lysol and pass out instead?
Bethel Kid # 1- Thats sounds like a great idea.
by Ihsallthewayct December 19, 2010

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