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when someone waits until the last minute and then changes your Netflix queue to all chickflicks.
I thought Diehard 3 and Family Guy were coming in the mail today but my crazy old lady queuejacked me and they sent two goddamned Reese Witherspoon movies.
by Iheartdriscoll March 14, 2008
The phenomenon were a woman has a beautiful face when spotted in her automobile, but when she gets out a fat or otherwise unseemly body is attached. Also known as the exact opposite of butterface.
I thought a hot chick was making eyes at me on my vespa yesterday, but when she drug 200 pounds of cottage cheese out of her car at the gas station I saw she just had car face so I hauled ass out of there!!!
by Iheartdriscoll April 07, 2008
An openly out and proud gay man.
That Bryce claims he isnt a Bone Yodeler but he sure sucks a lot of dick on the side.
by Iheartdriscoll November 09, 2007

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