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When two or more drivers come to a 3-way or 4-way stop and can't decide who should proceed first, so they sit there and stare or wave at eachother to go, wasting a lot of time. The proper way to yield to other vehicles at 3 or 4 way stop signs is spelled out in Indiana law, but apparently everyone is too stupid/high on meth to understand.
Jamie the college student and Earl the hoosier made me wait 73 seconds while they had a hoosier stand off deciding which one of them should drive through the intersection first.
by Ih8rednecks June 28, 2006
An affliction of the upper-spine and/or neck, similar to scoliosis, resulting in a permanent bend in the neck titling the head to either the left or right. Caused by constantly straining to reach the upper rack of the fridge to get dad "another cold one" as a child.
Cletus the hoosier's dirty-ass head can be seen leaning to the right while he's driving around in his shitty old truck. The poor guy is afflicted by mulletosis, for which science has not found a cure. (Probably because medicaid doesn't cover it)
by Ih8rednecks June 28, 2006
The act of pulling out into traffic in front of a fast moving vehicle when traffic is very light, forcing it to brake hard or other take evasive maneuvers. Usually performed by piece of shit pick-up trucks pulling onto a highway from a country road, but this is not a requirement.
Cletus, on his way to buy a lottery ticket and a pack of smokes,pulled a Hoosier slide on me at 5:30AM this morning making me lock my brakes in panic so I didn't rear end him. I was the only car on the highway at the time.
by Ih8rednecks June 28, 2006

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