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The most lethal element of The GZA's verbal arsenal. The purest form of lyrical death known to man.
No man that ever saw the liquid sword lived to tell about it.
by Ignatius Strangelove November 14, 2007
A short white man who is inexplicably athletic.
Bounced around the NFL for a while, owning but going largely unnoticed.
Tom Brady's number two target after Randy Moss.
Wes Welker is the Overman.
by Ignatius Strangelove November 04, 2007
Refers to when animals, dogs and rats et cetera, fall into a reservoir and are incapable of escape.
They must therefore eat each other to survive.
A bloody mess, of course, ensues
The Battle at the Kool Moe Dee concert was like a bunch of reservoir dogs going at it.
by Ignatius Strangelove November 11, 2007
One of the preferred weapons in the GZA's verbal arsenal.
The iron mic, in combination with the liquid sword is a flawless element of emcee destruction.
by Ignatius Strangelove November 14, 2007
When you're stumbling drunk and the slightest distance becomes a journey.
The crooked mile to the parking lot took ten minutes for a twenty yard walk.
by Ignatius Strangelove January 19, 2008
Similar to a rug that really ties the room together, the red swingline stapler is a coveted possession or ideological, which when taken, may cause arson.
"Red stapler"
by Ignatius Strangelove November 14, 2007
Secret technique used in both Shadowboxin' and Chessboxin' developed by The RZA
FATAL FLYIN' GUILLOTINE chop off you fuckin' head!
by Ignatius Strangelove November 11, 2007
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