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n. A title used to describe someone who is aroused, if not sexually, but emotionally by a plushie. Plushophile's are not always, "sexually," attracted to plushies, therefore the rigid stereotype cannot hold, some are emotionally attached, and can love and venerate their plushies. Some hold close to only sexual relations with a plushie, but there are a number who care for their plushies as a human would it's mate.

The common stereotype, which is, of course, obviously wrong, is that it depicts a person who is a disgusting homosexual of some kind.

Under the broader category, furry is the top of one of these types of people, but it does not meant that all furries are plushophiles. There are differences in the entire furry community that make it a different and unique place, which makes plushophiles a welcome addition to their world.

Although, following the stereotype, humanity seriously mistreats them.
A person who can hold a relation, emotionally or sexually, is a plushophile.
by Ignatius December 08, 2003
Sex with a priest. First coined in alt.recovery.catholicism.
She had a weakness for Jesuits which manifested itself in priestiality.
by Ignatius June 19, 2004

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