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SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System for the noobs), the high king over all gaming systems, made legendary by such games as Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the mario titles it carried over including the one with yoshi and the all star pack, FFX, the Donkey Kong games, and the badass Megaman series, especially Megaman X 3. Only the Sega Genesis could ever rival it, and that only due to the Sonic Series. As Nintendo proceeds to develop their halfass game cube platform, the SNES remains the greatest of all consoles ever made.
The Last Great Console owns the hell out of the atari, the nintendo, the N64, the Game Cube, the Playstation, the PS2, the Sega Genesis, the Dreamcast, and especially the Xbox.
by Ign30us |2oX February 14, 2005

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