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Infamous unit from Starcraft. Small, fast, deadly, and the bread and butter of any Zerg Rush.
I was going to expand but his Zerglings stopped me.
by iggy July 26, 2003
mainstream radio stations that throw the shit that record companies call good music at you. They say it is cool and attempt to brainwash you into thinking the same. The fact is corporate radio sucks and you would all be better off turning off your radio and driving to the cool sound of silence
that corporate radio dj said that emo is cool, but i know it sucks.
by iggy May 01, 2004
a word that is sorely misused today. By stupid (unoriginal) people who define themselves as hippies, punks, emo kids, metalheads, etc. etc. They claim to be original but instead they are tired retreads of some refurbished form of conformity. Can also be used to describe behavioral attributes.
That angst ridden kid says that people don't understand him because he is original. I say they don't understand him because he is stupid.
by iggy May 01, 2004
One who has all sorts of nightmarish creatures living in his flat.
Of course there's a cow in the bathtub, Dagrak lives there.
by Iggy January 21, 2003
The president of the United States, for all Froof cares.
FRIED PEAS could be sittin' in the Oval Office, Froof, and you'd think it was all just HUNKY DORY!!!
by Iggy October 30, 2004
Hot + cool girl who is talented at art and has a penchant for cool hair colours ^_^
Nyssa rocks
by Iggy December 22, 2003

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