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An assumed label given to someone out of pure ignorance and arrogance.

Often given by people who live up to the stereotypical standards of "preps", which is pretty sad.
Blondes are stupid
Metalheads are badasses with long hair
Goths are satanists
Emos whine 24/7
Blondes are morons
British are snobs
Black people like rap
Americans are fat, loud, obnoxious and abuse freedom of speech
Brunettes are sluts
Redheads are sluts
Asians are smart
Asians can't drive
Germans are nazis
Fat people are bad parents
Black people are dumb
White people are smart
White people are racist
Black people are racist
British are addicted to tea
Nerds have no life
Etc. etc. etc.

Those are examples of stereotypes
by Ifuckedtherug March 22, 2009
A tough dude smashes his fist into your face, creating a small, but maze like, series of canyons in your skin (and skull, occasionally). This is called a shmasm.
Two guys held me down and the bully shmasmed my face. It hurt.
by Ifuckedtherug March 15, 2009
You would be a prep if:

1. You are obsessed with things nobody with common sense gives a FUCK about (fashion being the most common)
2. You, like, totally, like, talk, like, this, like, like, totally, like!
3. U tIpE lIeK dIs On Da InTeRnEtS
4. You like a type of music because the band members are "hawt".
5. You stereotype metal (That is NOT cool)
6. Everyone that isn't like you is either a nerd or goth
7. You look up to Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton, Jamie Lynn Spears, etc.
8. You have attempted to be on American idol more than twice
9. Your favorite words are "Like, OMG, loser, totally, cute, and hot"
10. The above words are the only words in the dictionary
11. You think that pop is the only music that exists
12. You own an apple laptop that's pink
13. You nazise the Jonas brothers
14. You nazise HSM
15. You have TRIED to get pregnant during middle school or high school
16. You own a bedspread that has something to do with disney.
17. You take the media seriously
18. You are obsessed with celebereties
19. You acctually GIVE A FUCK about what other people think
20. You are obsessed with popularity
21. Everyone in your grade secretly hates you
22. You wear a water bra
23. You're obsessed with the mall
24. By your logic, I could say "Common sense is for nerds!"
25. You have more than 1 pair of shoes
If you wear the preppy clothes, then you aren't nesseccarily a prep. If more than 3 of the definitions above apply to you, then you're a prep. If only 24 applies to you, then you're still a prep.

For you preps that think we're jealous, we're not. Yay, you're rich, good for you!

by Ifuckedtherug March 22, 2009

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