1 definition by If i die, it was David who killed me

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The Greatest Assassin of ALL TIME!

Not only a pop star, David Bowie has been a secret assassin since 1485. People who have supposedly spotted David Bowie in the scene of a murder are never taken seriously because the police or investigators would probably say, " You're CRAZY! WTF would David Bowie be doing here! How can you suspect him to be an assassin. Gets off the shrooms plz. you are coming with me downtown for further questioning." If not, the accuser would get a response similar to ," Who the hell is David Bowie?" David Bowie has been responsible for many mysterious deaths in the past.
Person a: "Did you know that David Bowie killed JFK, Martin Luther King, Judas, the real Stephen Hawking, 2pac, and Brutus?"

Person b: "Who the hell is David Bowie?"

Mysterious voice in the shadows: "exactly"

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