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warhawk is the coolest kickass game ever created by Incognito in 2007. Warhawk is an online only game in warhawk u can ride in the plains by jeep, tank, apc, or fly by warhawks dropships or jetpacks u can hold up to 8 weapons when a troop actually 10 if u count the BFG and the field wrench also in planes there are 9 items to ur choice items to defend yourself and atack Troop items/weapons : assult rifle, knife, flame trower, rocket launcher, pistol, sniper rifle, land mines, bfg, binoculars, field wrench Aircraft items/weapons : swarm missiles, homing missiles, lighting gun, tow missile, cluster bomb, air mines, chaff, invisibility, u can mount and dissmount any vehicle easy just by pressing square in addition are ranks each rank come with a customization for your player an your aircraft allowing u to look baddas in the battle field
warhawk is a lot fun with many game modes and clans
warhawk offers a different experience from any other game and it has survived till today so go and try it!
Ieandrito: hey do have warhawk coolguy123:wat is warhawk Ieandrito : omg u dont know is the coolest game ever and you are missing it so go to psn store and download it i will teach u how to play and u will love it coolguy123: ok AFTER 2 HOURS IN A FRIEND SERVER Ieandrito : so wat u think coolguy123: i looove it
by Ieandrito May 27, 2010

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