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a person who greatly enjoys the music, movies, art, speakings and friends of Johnny Depp and particularly his genius and marvellous quirks.
See *deadhead*
(see it can also be used in a non sexual way)
She was reading a Kerouac book like a true depphead.
by Idzy April 16, 2005
Anything that is for sure Depp.
Or just anything in a conversation that is precisely defined or explicitly set forth and confirmable relating to Johnny Depp.
Oh I deppinitley loved the movie *Pirates of the Caribbean*
by idzy April 08, 2005
The little feeling you get when you think you have possibly seen Johnny Depp wearing that shirt somewhere else before... or the art of knowing what he will say or do next in a movie.
I had a deppjavu today
by idzy April 08, 2005
the explaination of a word that is related to Johnny Depp
the deppfinition of deppologist is located at Urban Dictionary
by idzy April 08, 2005
the sending of Johnny Depp fans or admirers to a Depp related function, convention, movie premiere or public appearance. Also the pre-briefed hoardes of Depp related masses that are sent to overtake local Target stores on a Depp movie DVD release date.
The fans are in depployment mode.
also: depployed; depploy
by idzy April 08, 2005
a word from the Depptionary or related to any deppfinitions.
Deppheads is a deppword with two meanings.
by Idzy April 16, 2005
To mumble or say things as if you were Jack Sparrow.
JackSpeak is the art of talking like this:

"...No! If we don't have the key, we can't
open whatever it is we don't have that
it unlocks. So what purpose would be
served in finding whatever need be unlocked,
which we don't have, without first having
found the key what unlocks it?..."
by Idzy September 10, 2006

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