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A sweet, Indian girl with very high intellectual capability and the useful ability to pass every class without ever listening to the teacher or studying. She does her work very precisley, which sometimes slows her down. Much loved by others, she is nerd, cute and has an amazing sense of humor. Very musical, can catch onto instrument basics instantly and has a fire for music and songs like no other. Her writings are poetic and uniquely captivating as seen in her blog. She can be sarcastic at times, when something obvious is asked or stated, but usually not to be taken personally. Not exactly athletic, but is good at some sport (ex. cube, crossword, dance, etc.) She is smart, awesome, fabulous, nice, cute, funny, and keep going with the (good) adjectives. It's hard not to love her!
Oh my goodness, Aishwarya is so freakin' awesome!
by Idling Gear May 28, 2011
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