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A very special and powerful air freshener for those serious world of warcraft players that don't ever leave their room even if they have to go to the washroom.
Ex.1 Man I walked into jimmys room and it smelt like pure ass he has been playing wow not stop for weeks and I guess he never left his room time to by a wowwick for his room to freshen it up for a bit.

Ex.2 Fuck man get off wow already you and your room smells like fucking shit. I think I'm buying you a wowwick for christmas.
by Idisownbikesnobs November 14, 2011
A bike snob is a person who will only buy a bike from a bike shop because they think every bike made at a department store is a piece of shit. Bike snobs also tend to put people down when they want or bought a bike from a department store. Bike snobs tend to think that bike shop bikes are more superior to any other bike out there.
1.Don't listen to Bob the bike snob buy your bike from where ever you think you can get the bang for your buck.
2. Jim is being all Bike snobbish again just because I bought my bicycle from walmart.
3. Bike snobs are arrogant fucks and are absolutely ridiculous telling me where to buy my bike from.
by Idisownbikesnobs July 19, 2013
When the crack between your right/left testicle and taint gets really itchy
Guy#1 I have a rash on my side taint its really itchy.
Guy #2 Well you better scratch your itchy side taint then.
by Idisownbikesnobs May 12, 2015

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