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Manga and Anime about Gon Freeks who is in search of his father. Lots of supernatural and superhuman abilities.
HunterxHunter is sweet.
by Idiotsynkracy May 20, 2005
Place where wookiees are from.

Thaiand + CG = Kashyyyk in SW: Revenge of the Sith.
To Kashyyyk, I will go.
by Idiotsynkracy May 20, 2005
Community around iRiver products.
The newbie floats down the MisticRiver
by Idiotsynkracy May 20, 2005
Lubricant for a Rubik's Cube.

Example of rhyme that makes every freshman giggle.
Lube your cube with cubelube, the only lube good enough for your cube.
by Idiotsynkracy May 20, 2005
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