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to penetrate so erratically that is causes a woman to momentarily lose the ability to walk or spread her legs.
"Ron: Hey Betsy, I heard you had a good time over at Archie's last night.
Betsy: Yeah, exept for the fact that I'm too sore to move. The bastard ryanized me."
by Idaho Hoe December 03, 2008
To preform sexual intercourse or oral sex without a condom, but rather, a sock.
Jamaal: Dude, you know that chick I picked up last night at the club?

Bubba: Yeah I saw her.

Jamaal: Well I was soxing the hell out of her all night.

Bubba: Really?! I soxed her too a couple days back, I just never told you.
by Idaho Hoe February 09, 2009

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