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The staple the held Windows ME together.
Cause of many crashes.
AKA. My first OS
Ouch dude I can’t believe you use Win 95
by Id November 08, 2004
An celtic legend over a fairy that was despised by his peers and ended up becoming a gatherer of dead.
The base stone where the grimreaper father time and other legends were inspired.
The legends said to not mention of his name, for he might be listening.
Traveled in an old cart accompanied by two skeletons that took the souls of the dead.
In some countries there was the habit of sacrificing someone for every new cemetary build, so that the person would become an "Ankou" of the place.
An Ankou is a guardian of dead.
He is the Ankou, his name is ever whispered but not spoken, for fear that he might be listening.
by Id December 30, 2004
Literaly, the gangster family on HBO. The level of writing and acting on this show made just the word "soprano" take on a new meaning; Now when you hear nas say this he means

1: Violently, illegally or aggresively
2: Living a life of this kind
"You capped that mofo, thenboosted his wheels? AND you took his wallet? Day-em thas sone soprano shit!"
by id February 03, 2004
Damn, just saying it with a strange accent.
"Day-em thas fresh crazy mofo!"
by id February 03, 2004
1. A bastardism of shit;

2. Best, as in "The Scheznit"
Oh no! I must leave! Becomes...
Aww Scheznit, aww diggidee damn I gotta go

This song is the best! Becomes...
This tune is the Scheznit!
by id January 19, 2004
see soprano for usage

2. Helped to climb a wall
3. Impregnated
1: see soprano

2: "Boost me over this wall so we can skate here man, that's a sick 7 flight

3: Guess.
by id February 03, 2004
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