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Jesus is watching you
kidA: i got a new webcome
kidB: jiwu

kidA: My mom's prosthetic nose fell off
kidB: jiwu
by Icydoomhammer December 22, 2008
Leaning forward and getting it
Statement: got fired today and my wife left me.. with the kids

Statement: got owned in warcraft 3 by a 10 year old naab
by icydoomhammer December 16, 2008
Run for mommy
server: "group1P2 has left the game"
group2P1: leave
group1P1: stfu i never leave rfm burn
by Icydoomhammer December 22, 2008
Bitch is ain't shit.
Used when someone says something that makes sense or something of great importance.
Statement: I almost had surgery yesterday buy my GF convinced me to seek another opinion and saved my life.
Reply: BIAS
by Icydoomhammer January 02, 2009
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